Wouldn’t it be helpful to support your arguments with facts, but without researching?
Transparently summarised & ready to use in debates on- and offline?


Imagine you’re at a party, where you start chatting with this guy Max.
He seems quite reasonable, intelligent and sympathetic.
Like most people, he has a more or less strong opinion on controversial issues like genetically modified food, climate change or vaccinations – and he has one, everyone does :)

But soon you begin to realise, that they are quite the opposite to yours.
From your perspective he relies on some wrong assumptions.
As you, Max seems smart enough to reconsider his views, when presented with reasonable and transparent facts.

IF ONLY there were some available without investing much time for research…

because you know, we‘re on a party, right?


Let’s be honest:
How often do you find yourself in a battle of personal opinions, both unable to immediately support your views and assumptions?
How often did that lead to a groundless fierce assumption-based debate , instead of a meaningful discussion?
And how often did you then walk out of this, constantly thinking: “Such an idiot!” or “How can one be so ignorant?”

In these situations you may think you won, but deep down you know…you lost. 

In the best case this one Max just continues to spread misinformation.
And in the worst case he is now someone who has an even stronger belief based on wrong assumptions. Which will lead to even more damage.

But what would be the better than best outcome? To break the loop BEFORE it escalates.


Get your debates on the right track with fact-checked assumptions.
Check out our growing list of the most common arguments in the topic of GMOs.


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